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Investing in Entertainment without Boundaries

Center Stage Capital, Inc. (CSC) is an entertainment company founded by two women with over 45 years of experience; Pam Laudenslager a two-time Tony Winner and Colleen Lober, formerly with Disney Theatrical Productions. CSC is a C corporation with a private placement offering.

We are a disruptive business model offering a preferred stock investment. CSC has acquired the assets that its principals have developed over the past 6 years. 

With a portfolio of diverse productions, a seasoned management team and a solid business plan, we believe that our strategy could provide a sustainable and positive return to investors. We accomplish this in part by eliminating the middleman (co-producers) and the profits that would go to the co-producers. This structure could allow a greater profit/cashflow to the bottom line.

This model could mitigate risk as it enables the investor (shareholder) to invest directly in a portfolio of four original theatrical productions through our private placement offering. Additionally, CSC will continue to produce new shows in the future.

Center Stage Capital currently has options on all the intellectual property rights necessary to realize the live works. The works are slated to be launched on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Las Vegas, Regional Theater, and/or International stages.

"Mr. Zdenek (EVP Mercer Advisors) said; Center Stages approach speaks to the same idea that financial advisers emphasize to their clients about the stock market…have your money spread among several investments in an effort to mitigate losses. “It all comes down to having a diverse portfolio."

— Wall Street Journal – July 19, 2018 – Mr. Zdenek is an unpaid member of the Board of Directors for Center Stage Capital.

Our shows have been in development for over six years. This allows the investor to participate in the later phase of the production process.

We believe our model is better because:

  • In addition to the option rights for live theatre, Center Stage Capital has certain ancillary rights for film, television, merchandising, licensing, sponsorship and video gaming (including e-sports entertainment) to increase potential revenue.
  • Our aim is that our investors will begin receiving dividends in year 3 and by year 6 that total dividends received will exceed the amount of the investors’ initial investment.
  • We anticipate having economies of scale by hiring a consistent and professional operations team who will work on all the shows rather than a new team for each production.
  • Our senior executives have worked with international markets such as London’s West End, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia and will be supported by a team of investment and operational professionals, including accountants, attorneys and auditors.
  • We will build a shareholder community of investors, who will be able to participate in experiences that include; attending opening night performances, purchasing house seats, backstage tours, readings, workshops and other special events.

"Disrupting Broadway- Mamma Mia! Center Stage Capital Tries to Pull an Uber”"

— Forbes – July 13, 2018

Center Stage Capital is very different from the traditional theatrical investment model and theatrical funds. CSC is not a fund. Unlike a fund CSC will have creative, and business control as well as the elimination of co-producers.

And unlike the traditional theatrical investment model, shareholders are not expected to reinvest in tours, transfers or any additional uses derived from the productions. Cash flow is expected to capitalize all additional productions.

We are managed by veteran Broadway producers/managers who have a proven experience in identifying past works that have been successful in the theater industry. Pam Laudenslager, our Chair and CEO, is a two-time Tony winning producer and Drama Desk Winner; Colleen Lober, our President and Chief Operating Officer has worked for Disney Theatrical Productions and other producers/productions for over 30 years. Guy Lawrence our CFO served as CFO of Morgan Stanley’s real estate subsidiaries (and has been an active theatrical investor) and Bill Hussey, our Vice President & Corporate Secretary is a seasoned finance professional with twenty years’ experience in the entertainment field including 12 years with Disney Theatrical Productions.

This is a unique opportunity for investors to become industry insiders.

Green Acres The Musical

Book, music and lyrics by Tor Hyams and Lisa Rothauser

Directed by Tom Caruso

GREEN ACRES THE MUSICAL is the modern spirited musical comedy love story of Oliver and Lisa Douglas. He is a high-powered, Manhattan attorney and she is a Cuban immigrant and an aspiring fashion designer and, together, they are living “the good life” in New York city. What happens when two people in love find themselves wanting opposite lives sends us on a journey that is both hilarious and filled with heart. Join us in this fast-paced, contemporary story that features the best in comedy, music and dance, including the well-loved Green Acres Theme song. This uproarious modern version on the iconic television show is Broadway bound.

The plan for this show is to do one or more out of town tryouts in a regional theatre, proceed with a short tour in the U.S. and then on to Broadway. The budget for this show is approximately 14 million dollars.

Something's Got to Grow

Fix It

Gimmie the Facts

We will reduce dilution of profits by removing the middleman (co-producers) creating additional shareholder value.

Empyrea the Stage Spectacular

Book by Tracey Corea and Colleen Lober

Music by Phil Lober and other contemporary music artists

A show like you have never experienced before! Enter the theatre and become immersed in EMPYREA. This visually stunning spectacle will transport audiences to a world of music, dance, and breathtaking physical feats. In the 22nd century, Earth has been completely ravaged by man’s selfish acts. Class division is rampant. An annual competition is hosted by the barren city of Empyrea every year to discern the most daring ruthless athlete. This year’s contestants include Anna, the esteemed daughter of Empyrea’s leader, and the noble but unknown Logan. Parkour, acrobatics, martial arts; set to heart pounding music. Empyrea is a thrilling story of human strength in the face of adversary. The show is not only a riveting visual experience, but a sensory one as well. When you enter the theatre, you are surrounded by a beautiful green forest. The scent of the trees and the coolness of the forest can be felt as you take your seat. The sounds of the birds and waterfall surround you. As you wait for the show to begin the imagery surrounding you changes and you are transported to another time and another environment. Transported to Empyrea!

Empyrea is a huge physical show. The plan is to build as a tent show with 360-degree projections and a multilevel set that runs through and over the audience with the central action taking place on a thrust stage. Initially set for performances in New York, Las Vegas or Orlando. The budget for Empyrea is approximately 25 million dollars.

Empyrea Theme

Empyrea Production Video

Our model will provide scalability and monetization of licensing and repurposing of our shows underlying rights and related ancillary products such as film, television, and merchandise.

Mother Eve’s Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood

A hilarious rock musical about love and self-acceptance.

Book: Erica Jensen, Uma Incrocci, Kirk McGee

Music: Christian Pedersen

Lyrics: Uma Incrocci

Created by Secret Garden Productions, LLC

Mother Eve’s Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood is an off-Broadway bound, award-winning rock musical comedy about a self-help guru, her students and the lengths they’ll go to find happiness. A con artist reinvents herself as a charismatic and eccentric self-help guru named Mother Eve. As her unconventional methods start to transform her students for the better, things get increasingly more complicated for her... how long can she keep her shady past a secret? And is it a scam if it actually works? The show celebrates individuality and the power of positive thinking. Mother Eve fits in the same fun, subversive world as Avenue Q and Menopause the Musical and has been praised it as being as funny as The Book of Mormon.

A great Off-Broadway offering! This show can easily become a multi production show with companies in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The budget for the initial production of Mother Eve’s Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood is approximately 1 million dollars.

Mother Eve's Compilation

Our portfolio of productions is diversified. They include Broadway, Off Broadway, touring, international, and unique venues. This strategy enables us to spread investor risk.

In the Room

Currently in Development

What do Miles Davis, Igor Stravinsky, The Rolling Stones, the Vietnam War, and a multitude of political leaders of have in common? Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist David Hume Kennerly. In the initial development phase is ‘In the Room’...a musical telling of the story of Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist, David Hume Kennerly. Kennerly’s five-decade long eyewitness view helped to define the historical landscape. An inspiring adventure that was and remains today, Kennerly’s world.

This is a Broadway bound musical with a budget of approximately 6 million dollars.

We will create economies of scale by having a consistent and professional operations team working on all the shows rather than production by production.

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and theater professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

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Pam Laudenslager, our Chairperson and CEO, is a two-time Tony winning producer and Drama Desk Award winner. Former White House advance person, Director Avon Products, SVP Estee Lauder, and publisher of American Benefactor magazine. Pam currently serves on the Board of Directors at Bideawee Animal Rescue and as VP at NYC Coop Board of Directors.

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Colleen Lober, our President and Chief Operating Officer has worked in the theatrical industry for large musicals and classical ballet companies in a variety of management positions, including 15 years with Disney Theatrical Productions.

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Guy Lawrence, our CFO served as EVP of Tishman Realty Corporation and served as CFO of Morgan Stanley’s real estate subsidiaries. He is the Managing Director of Ross & Lawrence Public Relations, Inc., and an active theatrical investor. Guy has served on Bideawee Animal Rescue’s Board of Directors.

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Bill Hussey, our Vice President & Corporate Secretary is a seasoned finance professional with twenty years’ experience in the entertainment field including as CFO for 321 Theatrical and twelve years with Disney Theatrical Productions.

As our productions have been in development over the last six years the final development period is shortened. This will allow the investor to participate in original productions in the later stage of the process.

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $2,000,000

Minimum Subscription: $25,000

Center Stage Capital, Inc. (the “Company” or “Center Stage Capital”) a Delaware Corporation, is offering 9,800,000 shares of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock (“Shares”) $5.00 per share

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